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Experience the synergy of CRM comes with the ERP functionalities in one powerful platform. Unlock growth opportunities, optimize operations, and drive business success with our comprehensive CRM.

Manage your company like top level tech companies does.

Key Features

01. Freelancers

As a freelancer, managing client relationships efficiently is essential for sustaining and expanding your business.

Fooltu CRM provides a centralized platform to organize client information, effective communication, and streamline workflows, enabling freelancers to deliver exceptional service while maximizing productivity.

Key Features

02. Startups

Fooltu CRM system is indispensable for service-based startups, particularly in IT services, as it helps to manage all the project requirement and all the documents in one place.

It aids in lead tracking, and conversion by organizing leads and monitoring their progress through the sales pipeline.

Key Features

03. Agencies

Fooltu CRM streamlines agency and enterprise operations, offering features like project tracking, invoicing, and communication tools.

These functionalities enhance collaboration, optimize resource usage, and centralize client management.

Key Features

04. Projects

Footu CRM comesing with the project management feature serving as a client-based CRM including project roadmap & project sprint.

That epowers businesses to efficiently manage client relationships while overseeing project execution seamlessly.


Key Features

05. Accounting

Integrated accounting and bookkeeping features into a Fooltu CRM system offer businesses a comprehensive solution to seamlessly manage client relationships and financial transactions.

Key Features

06. HR + Payroll

Incorporating HR, workload management, and payroll functionalities within a Fooltu CRM system offers businesses a comprehensive solution for effectively managing their human resources and optimizing workload distribution.

Key Features

07. Recruitment

Integrated recruitment features into a Fooltu CRM system offers businesses a powerful tool for streamlining the hiring process.

By managing job postings, candidate management, and communication within the CRM, businesses can efficiently attract, assess, and onboard top talent.

Key Features

08. Invoicing


The Fooltu CRM software integrates the invoicing system with project tasks, expenses, and hours to ensure accurate and efficient billing processes.


Key Features

09. Support

The built-in support ticket system within the Fooltu CRM software enhances the support experience for clients by providing a structured, efficient, and personalized approach to handling their queries and issues.